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Survey and repair of traditional buildings – a sustainable approach
In 2003 Donhead published Richard Oxley’s book in which he provides invaluable information on how traditional buildings perform, emphasising the need for a sensitive and sustainable approach and also taking account of the specific needs of the building. The book examines all aspects to be included in any assessment for survey and repair, and points out in detail the potential pitfalls. It also explores the controversial issues surrounding the treatment of damp and timber decay, advocating solutions that are appropriate to older buildings rather than using standard, often damaging, methods of treatment.

CIBSE Guide to building services for historic buildings
In November 2002 Richard Oxley co-authored this guide with Peter Warm. The guide gives practical advice and guidance on a sustainable approach to the installation of services in traditional buildings.  Funding for the publication was provided by the Carbon Trust and supported by English Heritage, Historic Scotland, CADW and the National Trust.

The Need for Roofs to Breathe
In this article, published in The Building Conservation Directory in 2001, Richard Oxley suggests ways to improve weather-tightness and insulation without jeopardising the traditional breathing performance of the roof.

Do’s and Don’ts Guide – Damp and Timber Treatment
A guidance note prepared by Richard Oxley in conjunction with the RICS Building Conservation Practice Panel, originally published in the RICS Building Conservation Journal (No. 18 Winter 1997). This guide aims to set out an approach that will reduce the risk of inappropriate, unnecessary and uncontrolled remedial treatment to historic buildings, particularly those of a vernacular construction.

Is Timber Treatment Always Necessary? An Introduction for Homeowners
An extract from SPAB Information Sheet 14 which aims to encourage the prevention and control of timber decay in old buildings by appropriate repair and regular maintenance (SPAB News Volume 20 Number 4 1999).

Surveying Historic Timber-Framed Buildings
Some initial guidance on the survey, identification of defects and specification of remedial work in historic timber-framed buildings. This article outlines the principal factors that need to be taken into consideration when providing a report on a timber-framed building.

Making Older and Historic Buildings Energy Efficient: A workshop at AECB Annual Conference
Traditional buildings are mostly built with stone, soft bricks, timber and earth using earth or lime-based mortars and renders. They are more energy efficient than many people think and those which are not efficient can be improved.

Roof Renovation – Listed Building Experiences
Improvements can be made to important historic buildings using innovative and ecological sound products in combination with traditional know-how. This case study details work undertaken on The Mansion House at Greys Court near Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire.

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